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Infinitivketten in biblischen und qumranischen Texten

Lena Bindrim

Pages 1 - 13

This paper investigates the nature and meaning of the infinitive chains in two of the Hebrew Dead Sea Scrolls, namely Serekh ha-yachad (1QS, 4QS) and the Damascus Document (4QD, CD). The author analyses the infinitive chains concerning the syntactic value of the infinitives in comparison to finite verbs. She postulates that the use of infinitives in these specific passages of text is based less on syntactic necessities than on stylistic considerations. Furthermore, she presents the ambiguity resulting from the choice of the infinitive instead of a construction with finite verbs with regard to the syntactic and content-related interpretation by means of selected examples. Moreover, a comparison is conducted with syntactically analogous passages from the Bible (Esther, Proverbs).


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